Simply stupid laws in EU

Jay Gory
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When it comes to euro prices, we could take a look at the the topic from a slightly different angle as well. What's the price of EU? While I personally have nothing against European Union, they do have some rather ridiculous laws or even if sometimes the ideas haven't passed as laws, the fact that someone in the company of the wise men has actually suggested them and the fact that they have been considered, is pretty much as bad as a real law.

  • Limitation on balloon usage. According to EU rules from 1988 children under the age of 8 can not use latex balloons without a supervising parent. And text on the latex balloons must have such a warning on them. This requirement has been set to avoid death and injuries, but...come on! We've all played with balloons and other stuff, why should some regulate this crap? Sorry, but that's nonsense.
  • Whistle blowers, that scroll out into a a long colored paper tongue when sounded have now been classified as unsafe for all children under 14. Seriously? Children at the age of 14 are having sex already, but they are not allowed to use whistle blowers?
  • Eurocrats ban small fruit. While they claim whatever they claim, they are doing it and it is stupid. Even though they call it a myth, they have come up with regulations here. "The diameter of the fruit is a way of measuring its maturity/development. Fruit grown organically or conventionally have to reach a certain degree of maturity in order to have a reasonable chance of satisfying the consumer." - who is EU to tell me what satisfies me? If I don't like what I see, I simply don't buy it. What if I actually wanted to buy tiny fruits?
  • 2-for-1 bargains to be banned. There was a news article about it at some point. While EU calls it a myth again, I wouldn't exactly agree with it. They are thinking about it. "This is highly speculative. An expert advisory group made up of EU Member State representatives is producing a series of reports on various options for the development of a single market in commercial communications. These do not represent the 'definitive' view of the Commission, nor is the outcome clear. Only once the group has reported will the Commission work on a Communication setting out its own view." - and that's nonsense. Someone should be shot just for thinking about it. Whom does it actually hurt?
  • EU-wide 'wonky fruit and veg' ban. A bunch of euro-MPs tried to bring back old "uniform standardization parameters" which would forbid the sale of straight bananas and curly cucumbers, just to mention a few moronities. Fortunately this proposal was defeated in the European Parliament. Who's working there, IQ 30 fans? And not that the proposal itself isn't stupid enough, the argument by European Parliament for not approving this motion was that it would increase food wastage. Now...if their main concern was that not just the fact that...why should anyone do it at all...then, oh my, I don't know.
  • On the same note...EU rules ban sale of 'too small' kiwis. A wholesaler was banned from selling a consignment of kiwis due to the fact that based on EU laws they were too small. The wholesaler said that he wasn't even permitted to give away the 5,000 Chilean fruits. The required minimum kiwi weight is 62g, but his were mostly 58g. Read more about that at Ain't that simply stupid?
  • European Union wants to hold programmers liable for software failures. According to what I know, this didn't pass. But again, convicting Bill Gates or any of his programmers for my faulty Microsoft Windows, come on! What's next? If a website doesn't work perfectly and loads too long, I can sue the creator and the owner as an accomplish?

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