Switzerland leading the way in food affordability in Europe

Siim Einfeldt
Published under EU blog

July 10th, Global Food Security Index was launched by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). It's a tool to measure how easy it is to access sufficient amounts of safe, high-quality, affordable food, in countries around the world.

Many leading international experts were included in the creation of the Index, in order to provide dimension to the complexity of food security. They also informed the design and development of the Index itself.

"As we talked to governments, NGOs and farmer organizations around the world, weā've come to realize that while we share a common goal of food security, we do not share a common language, " said DuPont Chair and CEO Ellen Kullman. The Global Food Security Index examines the factors of food insecurity in 105 countries and points to areas for improvement.

The general food security in Europe is quite okay, with Switzerland leading the way in Europe with food affordability. Based on the Index, the scale is 1-100 and the measuring levels of performance are the following:

100-75: Best performance
75-50: Good performance
50-25: Moderate performance
25-0: Needs improvement

Switzerland scored 91.9 in food affordability, 77.4 in food availability and 80.7 in food quality and safety. Just to compare these numbers with something, here are the same numbers for Poland - 74.8 in affordability, 68.8 in availability and 75.6 in quality and safety.

You can learn about other countries by using the interactive Global Food Security Index, which is available online at foodsecurityindex.eiu.com

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